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We take particular pride in our reputation as a preeminent law firm in dealing with the issues surrounding guardianship and conservatorship.

When an individual is cognitively incapable of managing his or her own healthcare and financial decisions, a guardian and/or conservator can be appointed to legally take over those decisions. A guardian is responsible for managing the incapacitated person’s health care, while a conservator manages the person’s assets and income and files financial reports with the court.

Almost always, there is an emotional component to the imposition of a guardianship and conservatorship, myriad details and paperwork to be dealt with, and significant medical decisions to be made, often including Medicaid planning. We are experts in taking on these concerns and providing thoughtful guidance to individuals and their families when the need for guardianship or conservatorship arises.


In the past 25 years, Ken Labowitz has navigated the legal issues, mediated between competing interests, and stabilized the life circumstances for several thousand wards. He is assisted by a staff who bring experience and empathy to these matters.  


Get in touch with the Dingman Labowitz team.

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