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Robbie Cummings

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Robbie Cummings

Lead Guardianship Paralegal

Robbie Cummings is the firm’s lead Guardianship Paralegal whose primary responsibility is coordinating the firm’s guardianship practice. She has worked with the firm since 2003.

Robbie has spent nearly twenty years implementing the vital actions a guardian must take when appointed to protect the interests of incapacitated seniors or other adults who can no longer manage their own personal and financial affairs.

Prior to working for Dingman Labowitz P.C., Robbie worked for Cigna Health Insurance as a Member Services Representative, and in the offices of health care providers overseeing insurance filings and invoicing. She has also worked as an assistant to a forensic architectural consultant.

She has studied at Kansas State University and the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs with an emphasis on Theatre/Public Speaking, Business, and Social Services.

Robbie gets a great deal of satisfaction from reviewing the circumstances of each new client and coming up with a plan to ensure the incapacitated individual receives all of the actions and services that are needed to protect the individual’s medical and financial well-being.

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